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Parent Workshops

Please see below for slides from workshops and supporting/helpful information:   



Phonics Little Wandle New Venture Jan 2022

Reading and Phonics Workshop 2021

Reading Coffee Morning

"Very helpful and insightful."   "Brilliant, thanks alot, so informative."

KS2 Spelling & Reading Workshop 2018-19

"I think it was brilliant"   "Yes very informative"

Yrs 1/2 Spelling & Reading Workshop 2018-19 

"Very helpful to know what is meant by diagraphs/trigraphs and CVCs"

SPAG Parent Workshop 2018-19

"Great to know how you teach sounds" "Great to know some websites to help make it more fun"

Year 1 Phonics Screening

"It helps to understand what the children are learning and why and more importantly how"  "Great, thank you. Really useful to know about the phonics check"

Spelling Games Booklet

Spelling - Puzzle Maker

Spelling - Hangman

Make Spelling Fun! Click above to find the spelling games booklet to play with your children and help them enjoy learning.

Letters and Sounds Information

"Yes it was very helpful - there were letters that I realised we were pronouncing incorrectly!"

Phonics Sound Mats and Family Sound Strips

Glossary of Grammatical Terms

Common Exception Words Yrs 1 - 2

Common Exception Words Yrs 3 - 4

Common Exception Words Yrs 5 - 6



How to Master Maths


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"Very useful, understanding partitioning better now"   "Very helpful."    

Maths Vocabulary Year 1 - 6

KS1 Maths Workshop

"Well structured, is good to know about some new methods of calculations."

"Very, Very helpful. Keep up the standards, well done."

KS2 Maths Workshop (see Maths Calculation Policies)

"Session was very good and helpful. Keep it up!"

" I found the session very helpful and gives us a much better understanding to enable us to help support our children at home." 



KS1 SATs Information for Parents 2020

"Very useful to hear how the children are being prepared for the SATs."

"It was a great session thank you. Its nice to know it is a relaxed approach to the SATs."

KS2 SATs Information for Parents 2020

"Very informative and well worth attending"     "I found it very helpful and have a much better understanding of how to support" 


Relationship Builders

Relationship Builders Presentation

"V Informative, it is great to see school adopt such a positive approach to behaviour"



Anti-Bullying Assembly

"I am so pleased I went as it was a real eye opener."

Anti-Bullying Information Leaflet