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Collective Worship

 Collective Worship Policy

Our 12 school values are explored daily through daily Collective Worship. Each term a new value is explored in depth through Collective Worship providing our children with an opportunity to understand the value and how they can demonstrate it in their own lives. Each value is linked to a Bible story or verse and the children learn through worship what this value means to them and to others. These values alongside British Values underpin our whole school ethos.

Our values timetable:







1st half term – Compassion

2nd half term - Humility

1st half term – Respect

2nd half term- Perseverance

1st half term– Thankfulness

2nd half term- Hope


1st half term – Patience

2nd half term - Forgiveness

1st half term – Love

2nd half term - Friendship

1st half term – Trust

2nd half term- Courage


Each week collective worship happens daily in our school hall (see timetable below). It is important that the children and staff come together for this time. Worship always begins with the lighting of 3 candles, a time for reflection and prayer at the end.



Whole School Collective Worship


Celebration Worship – Parents/carers are welcome to these


Visitor Worship – These are led by various members of our faith community and focus on our current value.


Sing and Praise


Class worship