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Behaviour and Relationships

At St Luke’s we believe that it is important for us to teach our children how to behaviour and relate to others. We believe that:

  • Children learn best when they feel secure and happy.

  • A consistent approach across the whole school is the most effective.

  • Staff have a right to work in a safe, caring and respectful environment.

  • Parents have the right to expect a safe, caring environment for their children.

  • Parents should share with the School the responsibility to teach their children self discipline, moral and social awareness and other qualities which prepare them for wider social experiences and society as a whole.

At St Luke’s we have 3 school rules:

1. Be safe

2. Be respectful

3. Be ready

These 3 rules underpin all our behaviour in our school and the wider community.

 As a school we use the following strategies to promote positive behavior and relationships:

  • Greeting the children in the morning

  • Good quality teaching

  • Interesting and exciting learning experiences

  • Clear and consistently high expectations

  • Positive behaviour management techniques and positive language used consistently

  • Positive praise

  • Sharing successes—recognition board, cele­bration assembly, sharing work with another member of staff.

  • Collective worship based on our 12 core val­ues.

  • Promoting British Values.

  • Children involved in agreeing consequences

  • Relationship Builders

  • Children having roles and responsibilities around school.

  • Assertive mentoring

  • Recognition cards

  • Conversation with parent (face-to-face or tele­phone)

  • KCAR (Keep Calm and Relax) lunchtime nurture support group


Class Agreements

Each class creates a whole class agreement at the beginning of each academic year. These agreements are displayed in every classroom and are signed by all the children. The agreements are based around our whole school 3 rules and are revisited regularly and updated throughout the school year.


Relationship Builders

 Relationship Builders is a restorative practice philosophy used to support children to take responsibility for actions, resolve conflicts and build positive relationships. Relationship Builders empowers the whole school community to build a consistent structure to support children in their relationships with others. It develops emotional literacy through teaching children how to communicate with one another using a set of 5 key questions.

  • What happened?

  • Who do you think has been affected/involved?

  • How do you/he/she/they feel?

  • What can we do to make this better?

  • How is everyone feeling now?